Status and Error Codes

Bundle status codes

Code Description
pending_validation Bundle validation is in progress
activated Bundle was successfully validated and activated
failed Bundle activation failed. Refer to error object for additional details
cancelled Bundle was cancelled either by user or mobile operator

Error codes

Code Description
ERR_2001 Generic failure, bundle was not activated
ERR_2002 User authentication failed, bundle was not activated
ERR_2003 User entitlement validation failed, bundle was not activated
ERR_2004 Failed to deliver activation instructions to the user
ERR_2005 Active bundle already exists
ERR_2006 Input parameter mismatch
ERR_2007 Bundle is already cancelled
ERR_2008 Bundle update failed
ERR_2009 Consumer update failed
ERR_2010 User has started a new activation flow
ERR_2011 Bundle suspend failed
ERR_2012 Bundle already in suspended status
ERR_2013 Bundle already resumed
ERR_2014 Activation failed due to existing subscription
ERR_2015 Activation failed due to an error in the partner's system
ERR_2016 The bundle offer has already been activated
ERR_2017 Subscription could not be started due to failed billing attempt, bundle was not activated

Cancellation codes

Code Description
customer_opt_out Customer cancelled the subscription
customer_plan_change Customer changed their rate plan and is no longer eligible for their subscription
customer_ineligible Customer was found to be ineligible for the offer
customer_account_change Customer has changed their account the offer is attached to
customer_closed_account Customer closed their account with the mobile operator
billing_failed_renewal Customer did not meet financial obligations in time for the billing cycle
suspected_fraud Suspected fraud
test_bundle Bundle was created for pre-launch testing, but has become stuck in an invalid state, or no longer desired, after launch
reseller_opt_out Cancellation originated by telco, which does not map to any of the above
merchant_opt_out Cancellation originated by partner, which does not map to any of the above
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