Checking Bundle Status

This method can be used for checking the status of a previously started bundle by unique bundle ID.

Every request should be secured using a JWT authentication token provided in an Authorization: Bearer header containing a JWT token using the payload as per the below example, include a JWT-Request: true header, and also include a Content-Type: application/json header for indicating the type of request.

Please refer to the Security page for additional information about JWT.

Request URL:{merchant_id}/{bundle_public_id}

GET /b/d3ad608d0a1729727a3eb6bc0892b426/95e3e1a2-e09b-4d2d-b35a-6a0845b1170b  HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiI2N...OL4LxCc4FA-OtAb_UD9M5M
Content-Type: application/json

The Authorization: Bearer header corresponds to the following payload

Attribute Type Description Required
aud String Audience. Identifies the recipients that the JWT is intended for. Should be set at "Fortumo". Mandatory
exp Long, Unix epoch Expiration time. Identifies the expiration time after which the JWT must not be accepted for processing. Mandatory
iat Long, Unix epoch Issued at. Identifies the time at which the JWT was issued. We strongly suggest setting this as now minus 2 minutes to avoid server time conflicts. Mandatory
iss String Issuer. Identifies the principal that issued the JWT. Value must equal to Merchant ID as provided by Fortumo. Mandatory
jti String Should be set at "jwt-id" Mandatory
nbf Long, Unix epoch Not before. Identifies the time before which the JWT must not be accepted for processing. Mandatory
sub String Subject. Identifies the principal that is the subject of the JWT. Should be set as "bundle". Mandatory

Response parameters

Response body is JSON with the following fields:

Attribute Type Description Required
bundle_state String Bundle activation status. Refer to detailed status codes for additional details. Mandatory
bundle_id String Unique activated bundle id. Mandatory
product String An identifier to indicate whether the consumer is on a free, promotional price or full price tier Mandatory
partner_reference String Unique id of activated bundle on partner's side Optional
bundle_starts_at Datetime ISO 8601 formatted bundle validity start. Optional
bundle_ends_at Datetime ISO 8601 formatted bundle validity end. Optional
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