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Smart and Fortumo

Smart and the mobile payments company Fortumo have teamed up to give you the ability to collect payments from Smart subscribers using carrier billing. When launching carrier billing through Fortumo, you will be able to collect payments in 90+ other countries as well.

When you integrate carrier billing through Fortumo, any Smart subscriber can make payments for your service by deducting the payment from their prepaid SIM card balance or charging the payment to their postpaid phone bill.

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Why should I use carrier billing for my online service?

With carrier billing, any mobile phone owner can make payments to you, even when they do not have a bank account, digital wallet account or a credit card. Carrier billing is also very simple to use and does not require the user to share their personal information, which means payment conversion is much higher than with other payment methods.

What other merchants use carrier billing?

Globally, Fortumo processes payments for Google Play, Spotify, Electronic Arts and many other leading digital media companies. Click here to see a full overview of segments where Fortumo provides direct carrier billing.

How long does it take to launch carrier billing?

Smart’s partner Fortumo provides merchants like yourself with readymade products to start collecting payments on websites or inside apps. These products have been localized and are compliant with local regulatory rules which means payment services can be launched very quickly. The technical integration of carrier billing usually takes less than a week for a single developer.

How much does it cost to use carrier billing?

Neither Smart nor Fortumo charge any fixed or monthly fees for using carrier billing. All local taxes are also paid on your behalf and the payouts you receive from Fortumo are net payouts. It is important to note that each carrier has their own payout terms for carrier billing in the 90+ markets where Fortumo has coverage.

In order to view your payout from Smart, please check the revenue shares page on Fortumo’s website after signing up for a free account.

How do I get started?

You can find all of the information needed to start processing payments on this portal. We have also put together a step-by-step service configuration guide for you.

Still have questions about carrier billing?

Check out Fortumo’s list of Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer! If you need any assistance with setting up a payment service through Fortumo, please get in touch with their team at If you have questions to Smart about carrier billing, please contact

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