Which Fortumo product should you choose?

Fortumo provides you with three different carrier billing products:

You should choose the product that you want to use based on which platforms your service is available on. Note that Web SDK and Android SDK support both one-time and recurring payments. PSMS API supports only one-time payments.

In case you intend to collect payments on (mobile) websites or in desktop applications, we recommend our Web SDK product. This product allows your users to initiate payments from your website and complete them in a web-based payment window hosted by Fortumo. The product is optimized for each platform (web, mobile web, feature phones) and automatically displays users with the best payment flow available:

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If you intend to collect payments inside native Android applications, we recommend our Android SDK. This product allows your users to make payments without leaving your application, by displaying to them an in-app pop-up window hosted by Fortumo:

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Our PSMS API is available to trusted partners who process more than $100,000 per month across all payment methods. This is a flexible solution targeted at merchants who have previous experience with carrier billing. Keep in mind that integrating the PSMS API takes significantly bigger resources, you will be required to provide checkout flows and marketing materials for each country and you will also need to take care of translations and compliance for each country.

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